Long Beach Avaya Partner Repair Lucent ACS Office Phone System Line Jack Repair in Long Beach
New, Used and Refurbished Office Phones, Repair Office Phone Systems, Voice Mail Systems

ATT Merlin, Lucent
Merlin 5 BTN Phone
Merlin 10 BTN Phone
Merlin HFAI Phone
Merlin BIS10 Phone
Merlin BIS22 Phone
Merlin BIS34 Phone
Merlin 410 Control Unit
Merlin 820 Plus
Merlin Plus 4 Line Exp.
(add 4 Lines)

Merlin Plus 10 station Exp. (add 10 phones)

ATT, Lucent Spirit
Spirit 6 button phone
Spirit 24 button phone
Spirit 308 Control Unit
Spirit 616 Expansion
Spirit 1224 Control Unit
Spirit 4 Line Expansion
Spirit 8 Phone Expansion

Lucent, Avaya
Partner Phones
Partenr 6 BTN Phone Set
Partner 18 BTN Phone Set
Partner 18 BTN Display Set
Partenr 34 BTN Display Set

Telephone System Accessories
Paging Equipment
Silent Service Observation unit (Stations are monitored silently)
Polycom Soundstation
Conference Phone

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            We repair service install office phone lines T1 line phone jacks for all Avaya Lucent Partner ATT Office phone system in the City of Long Beach California

Call 800-292-6605 for Repair Service in Long Beach

AT&T Avaya Lucent Partner ACS Phones

Partner ACS 6 Button Phone

$99.00 New

Partner ACS 18 Button Phone

$109.00 New


Partner ACS 18 Button Display Phone

$129.00 New


Partner ACS 34 Button Display Phone

$179.00 New

Avaya Partner ACS Phone Systems

att Lucent Partner phone systematt lucent partner telephone systems

ATT, Lucent
Merlin Phones

ATT, Lucent
Merlin Plus
Phone Systems

ATT, Lucent Spirit Phones &
 Phone Systems
Avaya Partner Phones &
Phone Systems
Voice Mail Systems


We repair service and program in Long Beach

 Avaya ACS Phone Systems
Avaya ACS Phones
Avaya ACS Voice Mail
Lucent Phone Systems
Lucent Phones
Lucent Voice Mail
Partner Phone Systems
Partner ACS Phones
Partner ACS Voice Mail
Merlin Phone Systems
Merlin 410 Phone System
Merlin 820 Plus Phone Systems
AT&T Spirit Phone Systems
AT&T Spirit Phones

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Long Beach 90803
Long Beach 90804
Long Beach 90805
Long Beach 90806
Long Beach 90807
Long Beach 90808
Long Beach 90813
Long Beach 90814
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Call 800-292-6605 for Office Phone System Repair Service in Long Beach

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