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Pictures from 2001....... I got a little carried away.

This was suppose to be daily drive, but this was the only way to get away from the wife and still be home at night and weekends.

I was going to take the body off the frame but I didn't have enough
room in the garage for the frame and the body


Just recieved Tri Power back. Looks Great!!! Hope it don't leak. Work done by Doc Pontiac.
Heads came in.Work done by Dave at SD Performance.

093heads.jpg (73080 bytes)

engine w rockers.jpg (126528 bytes)
Purchased a cam and lifter from SD Performance that would work best with these heads.

Speed Pro 224/234 .465/.488 112LS
Seal Power hydraulic lifters.
7/16 Poly Locks
Set of push rods.





head data sheet.jpg (422520 bytes)

Pictures from 4-29-06 below.......... 5 years later, many hours of labor and many many dollars. I removed and cleaned every nut and bolt on this car.

Waiting for wheels and tires.

It's not a Goat unless it's a 4 speed.

It took me over a month to decide what color to go with.


I didn't like running this because I was worried about the paint turning brown from the heat. Nothing is prettier than a Pontiac Blue engine.

Wheel wells and core support powder coated

Fan cover powder coated

wheel wells powder coated

I know the Tach on the console doesn't belong there, but I like it.

I drilled holes for a little air.

This is the second set of Carbs, The first set in the top picture went on a 67 Goat I build waiting for this one car to get painted.
It was at the paint shop for 10 months.


I had the rear end and sway bar powder coated.