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How to Reset Password on you Nortel Norstar Meridian Phone.

Must be done from a M7324,M7310 or T7316E phone set.

To Log Into System Administration:
1. Enter Feature 983
2. The display will show "LOG", enter your login password

a. If your company extensions are 2 digits long enter "120000"
b. If your company extensions are 3 digits long enter "1020000"
c. If your company extensions are 4 digits long enter "10020000"

3. Press the softkey under "OK"
4. Select the softkey under "MBOX"
5. Select the softkey under "Chng"
6. Enter the mailbox number you want to reset the password for
7. The display shows "Reset Password"
8. Select the softkey under "RESET"
9. Press the release key
*The new password will be "0000", the system will ask the user to change this the first time they log into their mailbox using this password

Do NOT use 1234 or 1111 for a new password. The bay guys can make long distance calls to China and Russia through your voice mail boxes. You will receive a large phone bill from your phone service provider.

If you need more Mail Boxes we have the best prices on keycodes to expand your voice mail system.




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