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Meridian Norstar Modular 824 Control Unit

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Norstar 824 Control Unit (8 line by 24 Extensions)


       This expandable system is designed to meet the high growth potential of small and medium sized businesses. The basic Norstar 8x24 KSU expands easily by simple self contained add-on trunk and station modules.
Any combination of six modules can be added to the KSU to a combined maximum of 128 total ports.
An expansion card is required to add modules to the 8x24 KSU. Expansion cards come in either 2 module expansion or 6 module expansion. This expansion card plugs directly into the KSU. The trunk and station modules then connect to the expansion card with a single plug in cable.
Station Module 0x16 provides for the addition of 16 station ports. The Trunk module 12x0 provides for a maximum of 12 trunk ports. The trunk module by itself does not provide trunk access. Trunk cards 4x0 go into the trunk module (maximum 3 trunk cards) per trunk module.


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About Meridian Norstar Phone Systems

We specialize in wholesale distribution of both new and refurbished Norstar phone systems and Norstar phone equipment, plus Nortel Phone Systems, Lucent phone systems, and Panasonic phone systems. Our refurbished Norstar phone systems and other Norstar telephone systems are extensively tested, and include a twelve month warranty and advance replacement policy.

Meridian Norstar telephone systems are very advanced, but equally important, they are very easy to use office phones. Norstar's flexibility allows the office phone system to be tailored to the way a business works and upgraded and enhanced, as business needs change. There are several members of the Norstar Office Phone System family from the compact 6 line 16 extension system to the ISDN 30 compatible 0x32 modular system capable of up to 128 extensions. Ensuring we can tailor a Norstar Phone System to your needs. There are four Norstar system phones in the range which can be easily programmed to suit individual needs. By connecting a Norstar voice processing system, the Norstar phone system can be programmed to answer calls, take messages and pass messages on accurately, professionally, 24 hours a day.

Norstar has an office phone to suit every job. All four Norstar office phones have digital displays showing the time and date. All but the most basic Norstar office phones can be easily programmed by the user to meet their personal office phone preferences and offer hands-free operation with optional headsets.

For operators and administrators - the M7324 office phone has a 2 line display which prompts the user to use certain office phone functions using three special 'softkeys' that respond to the screen. The Norstar Office Phone Memory keys give access to up to 24 features, lines or extensions. The Norstar Office Phone LCD indicators show when lines or extensions are busy. The Norstar Office Phone capabilities can be extended by adding Central Answering Position modules, designed for operators managing incoming calls on larger Norstar phone systems. For intensive use - the M7310 is The Norstar Office Phone most people prefer. The Norstar Office Phone is ideal if you make and receive lots of calls. With the same 2 line LCD and soft key functionality, up to 24 speed dial keys are available on the The Norstar Office Phone, plus 10 memory keys for line access or frequently used features. This Norstar Office Phone is easily flexible enough to meet most needs.

For office phone general use - the M7208 incorporates a 1 line display and 8 memory keys for access to lines or frequently used features. This Norstar Office Phone is ideal for those who mainly receive calls or make mostly internal calls.

For low Norstar Office Phone use - the M7100 is the right Norstar phone for a warehouse or conference room, where it may only be used occasionally. This Norstar Office Phone  provides access to Norstar's features solely via codes, rather than through programmable one touch feature keys.


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