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Norstar M7100  &  T7100
M7208  &  T7208
M7310  &  T7316
M7324  &  T7406
KLM          Cordless

Norstar Phone Systems

Norstar 308 (3 line 8 phones)
Norstar 616 (6 line 16 phones)
Norstar 824 DS (8x 24 phones)
Norstar Compact ICS (8x24 max.)
Norstar Modular ICS (272 ports)

Norstar Voice Mail

Norstar Flash 2 Voicemail
Norstar Flash 4 Voicemail
Callpilot 100 Voicemail
Callpilot 150 Voicemail

Norstar Components

Norstar Caller ID
Norstar LS/DS (adds 4 Lines)
Norstar 12x0 (to adds Lines)
Norstar 0x16 (to add phones)
Norstar 2 Port Expansion
Norstar 6 Port Expansion
Norstar 6 port Combo Exp.
Analog Station Module

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Norstar User Guides

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ATT Merlin, Lucent

Merlin 5 BTN Phone
Merlin 10 BTN Phone
Merlin HFAI Phone
Merlin BIS10 Phone
Merlin BIS22 Phone
Merlin BIS34 Phone
Merlin 410 Control Unit
Merlin 820 Plus
Merlin Plus 4 Line Exp.
(add 4 Lines)

Merlin Plus 10 station Exp. (add 10 phones)

ATT, Lucent Spirit

Spirit 6 button phone
Spirit 24 button phone
Spirit 308 Control Unit
Spirit 616 Expansion
Spirit 1224 Control Unit
Spirit 4 Line Expansion
Spirit 8 Phone Expansion

Lucent, Avaya
Partner Phones

Partenr 6 BTN Phone Set
Partner 18 BTN Phone Set
Partner 18 BTN Display Set
Partenr 34 BTN Display Set

Panasonic Phones

KXT7050 Non Speaker Phone
KXT7020 Speaker Phone
KXT7030 Display Phone
KXT7035 Lg. Display Phone

KXT7250 Non Speaker Phone
KXT7220 Speaker Phone
KXT7230 Display Phone
KXT7235 Lg. Display Phone

KXT7420 12 Line Phone
KXT7431 12 Line Display Phone
KXT7425 24 Line Phone
KXT7433 24 Line Display Phone
KXT7436 24 Line Excutive

Panasonic Phone Systems

Panasonic KX-TD308
Panasonic KX-TD816

Panasonic Voice Mail

KX-TVS50 Voice Mail
KX-TVS75 Voice Mail
KX-TVS100 Voice Mail
KX-TVS200 Voice Mail

Telephone System Accessories

Paging Equipment
Silent Service Observation unit (Stations are monitored silently)
Polycom Soundstation
Conference Phone

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Call us @ 800-292-6605 with any questions about VoIP

        Our goal is to understand the needs of our small business customers and use the latest technology to design a system that meets their needs and budget requirements.


       Our personalized service differentiates us from our competitors. Our expertise is in creating a phone system that makes your business operate more efficiently and helps you to communicate with more people that make a difference to your success, whether it’s a traditional or VoIP phone system.   There is no such thing as a one-size- fits-all solution. Our Voice over IP small business phone packages are as unique as each of our customers.


As the premier provider of small business phone systems, We are constantly looking for more ways to serve your business. That means leveraging the latest in technology to bring your business a customized phone system that best meets your needs.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is one of those technologies that we offer as part of our complete line of business phone service, and we are the only resource you need to bring this technology to your small business.


   Call 800-292-6605 or email us today, or tell us about your needs. We’ll provide you with a free consultation to determine the best phone system for your small business. In fact, you won’t find a place on our website that allows you to buy an off-the-shelf phone system. We want to talk to you and determine what you need to save you time and money. Or, read more below about VoIP, how it works and if it’s the right solution for your small business.


·   What is VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)?

·   What Do I Need to Get VoIP?

·   How Does VoIP Work?

·   Is VoIP Service Right for My Business?

·   What are the Benefits of VoIP?

·   What are the Basic Features of a Small Business VoIP System?



What is VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)?

       VoIP allows you to make calls from your telephone or computer microphone using the Internet instead of a phone line. Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, is a telephone service that uses the Internet as a global telephone network. Many companies offer calling within the country for a fixed fee and a low per-minute charge for international. Broadband Internet access (cable or DSL) is required, and conventional telephones plug into an analog telephone adapter. And, because VoIP is digital, it offers your business greater flexibility and unique benefits than using a traditional telephone line.


What Do I Need to Get VoIP?

             To get started using VoIP, you’ll need a broadband Internet connection, which can be through a cable modem, or high speed services such as DSL or a local area network. Which means that if you have a broadband Internet connection, you don’t need to pay for another line just to make telephone calls and you can still use your computer while you’re talking through your VoIP line. You’ll also need either a basic computer microphone or an analog telephone adapter—all items we’ll provide in the VoIP phone system package that best meets your needs. And, 1 800 LA Phones’ certified installation professionals will manage the installation of your new business VoIP system.


How Does it Work?

        When you use VoIP to place a call, your voice is converted into a digital signal that is sent through the Internet. Once the message reaches the recipient, it’s converted back into a voice signal, allowing you to talk to anyone with a regular phone. VoIP calls can be made to a local number, a mobile phone, to a long distance number, or an international number. VoIP also enables you to conference up to six people on a single call. And, depending upon the service package that you select, you can call any phone number, anywhere in the world.


Is VoIP Service Right for My Business?

          Not sure if the benefits and features offered by Voice over Internet Protocol services fit your business needs? Call us at 800 292-6606 or email us today, or send us information about your needs. We’ll provide you with a free consultation to determine the best phone system for your small business.


What are the Benefits of VoIP?

       The Voice over Internet Protocol technology available from us provides features that aren’t available through a traditional phone line.


        The most notable benefit of small business VoIP systems is cost savings. If your business already has a broadband Internet connection, you don’t need to pay for an additional phone line. Additional savings for our small business customers can be found in the calling plans available through VoIP. Depending on the VoIP service plan you select, you may be able to talk for as long as you want with any person in the world (the requirement is that the other person has an Internet connection).


       Small business customers also enjoy the convenience of VoIP’s conferencing capability. Through our small business VoIP packages, you can simultaneously call up to six different phone numbers from a single line, without having to subscribe to a separate conference call service.


Other benefits of small business Voice over Internet Protocol service include:


Control Your Own Phone System Without Leaving Your Desk

         VoIP phone systems don’t have any wires, plug ins or hardware mounted on the wall. Once we set up your VoIP system, you have control over your phone system from your desktop. This means that from your company’s Web interface, you can access and change phone features, initiate calls, place or join conference calls, return missed calls, and view incoming, outgoing, and missed calls.


Never Miss a Message, Memo or Opportunity

      Every day you wear many hats in the management of your small business. Through dividing your time all day, you’re going to miss some important communications. And, it ‘s your prompt follow up that closes the sales and makes your business successful. Our small business VoIP system offers Unified Messaging brings all voicemails, faxes and emails into one place—your Outlook inbox. We can also set you up with remote, secure accessible from any phone, Web device, or PDA so you never miss a message.


Your Office Away From the Office, the Car, Your Home

          As a small business, it is critical that your customers can reach you. That’s why you give them your cellular, office and in some cases, you home phone numbers. We understand that reachability is a top priority for our small business customers. Our small business VoIP packages allow you to work from the road or home with the same convenience and calling features as your office. Regardless is you’re using your cellular phone or voice-enabled laptop, your VoIP system allows you to access contacts, call logs, and click-to-dial features.


What are the Basic Features of a Small Business VoIP System?


Some of VoIP Basic Features Include:


Direct Inward Dial (DID)

Business-Class Voice Mail

Caller ID w/ID Block

Call Transfer, Call Forwarding

Call Waiting and Hold

Call Trace

Music on Hold

6-Way Conferencing

Hunt Groups

Station to Station Dialing (4 or 5 digit extensions)

Anonymous Call Rejection

Billing Codes

Do Not Disturb

Flexible Auto Attendant

Forward to Voicemail

Group Pickup

Multi-Call Park

Permanent Per Call Block

Priority Call



Remote Call Forward to DID

Selective Call Forward

Selective Call Rejection

Speed Dial

TAPI Dialing Support

Transfer, Blind and Guided



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